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The process of finding your future home.



Examine your financial situation from how much you plan on putting down as well as what you are comfortable spending on a monthly basis for your mortgage payment. Once you begin this process, refrain from any larger expenditures as this can affect the amount of a loan that you apply for.


Touring Properties for Sale.

This is arguably the most fun part of the home buying process. Once you have determined what you can spend, then we will set up searches for properties. Consider things like desired bed/bath count, square footage needed as well as exactly where you want to be looking. Every town offers different amenities and accessibility.


Writing an Offer to Purchase.

Once we locate the property that you wish to make an offer on, we will need to move quickly. We will assist with reviewing comps as having a good understanding of the market will help you move quickly through the offer process and give you the best chance at getting the home you want.

Next Step.

Up to 7 Days after your accepted offer, schedule the home inspection: The best way to learn all details of the home is to hire a professional inspector. They will give the home a thorough exam and alert you of any future repairs that are necessary. This will help you budget for the future or potentially negotiate the terms of your deal if there are larger or unanticipated work to be done.

10 to 14 Days after offer, enter contract: After the home inspection then it is time to solidify all terms and enter contract. Commonly called the “P&S” the Purchase and Sale agreement will confirm all of the terms and conditions of the deal. The deposit funds should be paid along with the signing of this document. These monies will be held in escrow until released the day of your closing.

45-60 days from the offer you will typically close: This is a usual time frame for most transactions. However, no two deals are exactly alike so additional contingencies or desired dates may play a role in process.

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Makki Mohammed A Sanusi

As the founder and CEO of MMAS HOMES of Accra, Ghana, providing home-buyers and sellers with professional, responsive and attentive real estate service. I have lived in Accra for the past 20 years and I pride myself in knowing every corner of this city. I am a high-touch broker known for my extensive market knowledge and unmatched devotion to clients. My success in this industry has been largely based on positive referrals from happy and satisfied clients. Want an agent who will listen to what you want in a home/apartment? Need an agent who knows how to effectively market your home so it sells? Give me a call! I’m eager to help and would love to talk to you

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Pricing a home correctly from the beginning is key. when you list or buy with THE TEAM, together with their client, THE TEAM will find the most advantageous price point for your property

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